Most excursions in the Astrakhan reserve are related to boat travel.This boat is sailed by experienced guides who are well oriented in the area and have the appropriate permissions to manage water transport. They are familiar with the features of each route. Guides make water safety briefings and issue safety jackets before boarding a boat, kayak or trimaran.


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    Excursions on water routes are carried out by boating boats, its named “Budarka”. This type of boat has long been used in our region. They have good cross in shallow water, very light on the go, roomy and comfortable. This deep inside boat has great stability on the water and meets all safety requirements. Its contours and hull design are honed by the experience of many generations of sailors. This boats are presented in the Astrakhan reserve in the most modern configuration.
  • All boats use four-stroke outboard motors that meet environmental requirements. These engines are more environmentally friendly due to their cleaner exhaust, greater fuel efficiency and less noisy work. This is especially important for the reserved area.
  • Boat capacity is up to 8 people. The cost of excursions by boat is 2000 rubles per hour (for a group of 1 up to 8 people). The price does not include guides.


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    We suggest using kayaks for lovers of active and environmentally friendly recreation. These are 2-seater boats with a rigid plastic hull designed for use in water with a weak current. Kayaks are designed for deep rowing, which provides easier control.
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    Safety on the route is provided by the mandatory use of safety jackets and escort of the state inspector of the Reserve on a motor boat. Children under 12 years old as well as people who cannot swim are not allowed on the route. Children from 12 to 18 years old can be in a kayak only paired with a parent or relative.
  • The cost corresponds to the payment of an accompanying boat; it is 2000 rubles per hour. Extra pay for using kayaks are not charged. The price does not include guided tours.


  • The pontoon boat “Teris” (trimaran) refers to the water transport of increasing comfort. This vessel has excellent operational characteristics – safety, stability, unsinkability, strength and lightness. Its spacious deck can accommodate up to 10 people, there is a place to store bags and a table for drinks.
  • Soft seats, sofas and a sun awning provide to the comfortable accommodation of tourists. Nothing will distract from the contemplation of the reserved nature of the Volga delta during the trip, Entrance to the board is carried out through the gate in the bulwark. Built-in mudguard protect the interior from splashes.
  • Capacity is up to 10 people. The cost of excursions on the trimaran is 3000 rubles per hour (for a group of 1 to 10 people). The price does not include guides.