Welcome to the Volga Delta

People and Nature

Since time immemorial human beings have had a close relationship with nature.  We constantly use natural resources but sometimes forget about the beauty and richness of nature all around us.  The staff of Astrakhan Nature Reserve preserve the unique nature of the Volga River delta, study its inhabitants and help people learn to live in harmony with nature.  Everyone can experience the pristine beauty of Russia’s nature by visiting Russia’s reserves… Read more…

Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna of Astrakhan Reserve are very diverse.     It located on the Volga delta, where the great Russian river splits into hundreds of branches.  That is why true connoisseurs of nature come here from all over the world to become acquainted with the protected areas, see the delta’s fascinating landscapes, take in the aroma of the lotus in bloom and observe numerous birds... Read more…

Travel and Tours

Astrakhan Reserve offers not only ecological routes and trails in the Volga delta, but also tours to unique places in the Astrakhan region.  Guides will accompany you on ecological paths and take you on boat trips to the delta’s branches.  It is a true paradise for naturalists and photographers.  We will also arrange for you to visit Big Bogdo Mountain and a reserve where saiga antelopes are protected… Read more…

Wildlife of the Astrakhan Reserve

Fungi and lichens

Plants and landscapes

Insects and spiders

Fish, amphibians, reptiles