The primary function of the reserve’s management is to prevent violations of its protected status.

The following are prohibited in the reserve:
— Presence of unauthorized persons;
— Harvesting of fruits, berries, mushrooms, nuts and seeds;
— Fishing;
— Hunting;
— Collecting zoological, botanical or mineralogical specimens;
— Flying of aircraft and helicopters at altitudes below 2,000 meters;
— Introduction of non-endemic species for the purpose of their acclimatization;
— Walking dogs and other pets;
— Weapons;
— Disturbing the peace (use of speakers, transistors, whistles, ship horns, etc.)

Violations occurring in the reserve and its protected areas carry administrative liability and are punishable by fines ranging between 3,000-4,000 rubles.

Among the duties of the reserve’s law enforcement officers-inspectors are: fire prevention, protection against poaching of plants and animals, and detention of individuals illegally visiting or passing through the reserve (causing disturbance to the natural regime).

Astrakhan Reserve contains two protected zones, which were created in different years for different purposes, and therefore, have different regimes.  These zones act as buffers restraining economic activity near the reserve’s borders.