The «Delta Discovery» ecotrail opened to visitors in 2016 on the Damchik site of the reserve.

The trail passes through four islands, each of which allows visitors to become acquainted with various protected biotopes and their inhabitants.  The entire trail is a boardwalk, which is not only convenient for movement any time of the year but also protects the soil cover from trampling and prevents overly enthusiastic visitors from leaving the trail.

Еcological Trail Route



The trail begins at the central ranger post on the reserve’s Damchik site.  Tourists board long motorized boats, reminiscent of “budarka” fishing boats which have been used in the Volga delta since ancient times.

The central ranger station in the Damchik area is located on the banks of the Bystraya Canal, the channel of the Old Volga.  From here visitors can access the place where the Volga flows into the Caspian Sea!

The first part of the route passes along picturesque Volga channels, among reed beds and gallery willow forests.  Visitors who look ahead, or to the sides and deep into the coastal thickets, will see much of interest.

Closer to the water, egrets, herons and kingfishers usually sit on tree branches and snags, and the reigning bird of the delta, the white-tailed eagle, perches proudly on tall treetops.  Birds of prey soar high in the sky, but experienced guides can discern them and relate interesting facts about the lives of eagles, red-fronted falcons, European hobby and ospreys.

Lucky visitors may be treated to an unforgettable scene of a white-tailed eagle snatching a fish out of the water.  This iconic bird often accompanies sightseeing boats as if keeping them under observation.  The Volga delta boasts the largest population of white-tailed eagles in Europe, so it is possible to get excellent photos of this rare bird even during a short boat excursion.

After several kilometers by water the boat docks at the wooden platform which marks the beginning of the ecological trail, hidden in one of the meandering eriks branching from the main channel.

Discover the reserve’s nature secrets

The ecological trail excursion begins with an introduction to the history of the establishment of Astrakhan Reserve.  Few people can remain indifferent to the life stories of the dedicated people who founded the reserve and devoted their lives to protecting nature and restoring the bird population.

The Delta Discovery ecotrail reveals nature’s innermost secrets.  Led by experienced guides, visitors learn interesting facts about the plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that can be seen or heard on the trail.  From the trail’s observation tower visitors get a beautiful view of vast reed beds.  The guides will answer all questions, and there are also many information stands along the trail, as well as “milestones” every 100 meters which entertain visitors by showing them they are moving faster than a turtle or slower than a dragonfly.

The overall length of the Delta Discovery trail is 1.7 km.  Excursions last two hours.

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